Thank you for applying for financial aid at Eastern Arizona College (EAC).  Based on the Student Aid Report (SAR) received by EAC, a preliminary financial aid award has been calculated.  This award is contingent upon receipt of outstanding requested documents and continued availability of funds.  You can determine if additional documents have been requested at this website by selecting the Document Tab.  It is also essential that you accept or reject awarded funds at this website by selecting the Accept Awards tab.  Failure to accept certain funds within established time lines will result in fund cancellation. 

Financial aid awards are credited to your account each semester.  Institutional charges, such as tuition, fees, on campus board and room, are paid from the credited financial aid.  If the amount of financial aid awarded exceeds your semester bill, the Bursar's Office will credit the residual amount to you through Bank Mobile unless you have specifically requested a check from EAC. 

If you need help using this on line financial aid system, or have any questions about financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (928) 428-8287.